DIY Adaptor Adds Pause, Play, Microphone To Smartphone Headphone Jacks

Have a pair of expensive headphones that you love but wish they had a remote for your smartphone controls? Or do you hate the fact that when you're driving with your phone connected to the auxiliary input on your car you can't answer the phone without disconnecting it? DIY blog DepotBassam shows off a simple DIY hack to splice a mic and remote into your headphone jack for use on any smartphone.

The purpose of the hack is to allow you to connect your phone to any external source and still retain the remote and microphone options. On top of the handy remote options, this means if you're driving with your phone connected to your stereo you can still answer a call without disconnecting the device.

The hack does require a bit of electronics knowledge, but it's nothing too substantial. You need a soldering iron, some wires, a mic, push button and a TRRS audio jack. Collectively, the materials should only cost a few bucks, and they're available at any electronics store. It should come in handy for those of you who don't have a fancy Bluetooth system in your car or if you just want to use your nice headphones with a remote control. Hit up DepotBassam for a full guide to making it for yourself.

DIY smartphone headphone adaptor (with MIC & control button) [DepotBassam via Instructables]


    possibly the worse instructional video ive ever seen
    solder a TRS line socket to the end instead of the headphones and you have a more elegant solution.
    (BTW A TRS socket is missing from the parts list in the article but obviously needed)

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