Diversity Counts More Than Your Number Of Friends On Facebook

It's a tacky but frequent metric: comparing how many friends you have on Facebook. But when it comes to measuring how easily you can spread ideas or persuade new people to sign up, it turns out that the diversity of your friends and contacts is more important than their sheer volume.

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A study published in academic journal PNAS analysed 54 million invitations for people to sign up to Facebook. While it wasn't uncommon to receive multiple invitations, especially during Facebook's growth phase, the analysis suggested that sheer volume wasn't the best predictor of whether people would sign up:

In effect, it is not the number of people who have invited you, nor the number of links among them, but instead the number of connected components they form that captures your probability of accepting the invitation.

In other words: if you're asked separately to join by a workmate, a schoolfriend and a family member, that makes it more likely you'll join than if you just get bombarded with information from one group.

The big lesson? It's not just who you know, but the different kinds of people you know — a useful lesson to apply outside Facebook as well. If you don't interact with a diversity of people, it's easy to become angry and bitter and limited in your views. Just try listening to talkback radio if you don't believe that.


    Aww, I had such high hopes for this, but the probability of someone signing up to Facebook really isn't as riveting as demonstrating that new ideas spread faster or more collaborately when someone has a diverse circle of friends.

    On that note, if there's any techno-loving, racist, bisexual black people that hate Lifehacker on here, drop me a Friend Request ;-)

    Who cares? Most of them aren't genuine friends anyway. They are just names of people who you don't really know, and who don't know you either. FB must be the loneliest place [if you can call it a place] on the planet. Its the new Lonely Panet guide. To travel, don't bother to get out of your seat just stay on-line for the rest of your life. Who wants to meet these so-called friends anyway? You might catch something.

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