Design Your Way To A More Relaxing Bedroom

Design Your Way To A More Relaxing Bedroom

We’ve mentioned how important it is to get rid of the tech in your bedroom for a good night’s sleep. Aside from banishing the glowing devices, there are other ways you can turn your bedroom into a retreat that’s designed to lull you into a peaceful night’s sleep. Much of it starts with design.

Photo by Sasha Wolff.

The folks at Apartment Therapy hone in specifically on how important it is to fill your sleeping space with the right textures and colours that help you fall and stay asleep. Trade in those uncomfortable, sweaty jersey sheets for nice, soft cotton ones that stay cool overnight, and find colours that you absolutely adore to keep your bedroom from being an eyesore.

We also agree that keeping your bedroom clean and organised like any other space will reduce the chance that you’ll walk in, ready for a night’s rest, and just be aggravated or irritated at the cleaning or straightening you have to do. That kind of stress, especially as you’re winding down to sleep, can keep you from resting fitfully.

The guide at the link below goes even further, suggesting you avoid overhead lighting and usedim lamps instead, and even offering some specific bedding suggestions to help you stay comfortable when you sleep. Take the suggestions you prefer, but the idea is sound: if you take the time to make your bedroom into a stress-free retreat, devoid of bright lights, harsh colours, glowing screens and mess, you’ll be happier for it and sleep better as a result.

Tips for Making Your Bedroom a Stress-Free Zone [Apartment Therapy]


  • A couple of things that I did in my room for easy rest and waking:

    1. Set the blinds to the correct level so that the sun hits my face around the same time as my alarm goes off. Takes some measuring but it really helps.
    2. I didn’t want to spend more on a lamp just for softer light or diffused light so I point my light-bulb up into my wall so that the whole room becomes a diffuser. Easy lighting.
    3. I don’t use my bed for anything but sex and sleep. That way when I hit the sack I associate it with rest (and play) and I fall asleep much easier than before when I used to read in bed.

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