Dealhacker: Telstra Turbo USB

Dealhacker: Telstra Turbo USB

It’s not just Vodafone’s old dongles that get cheaper: Telstra’s prepaid Turbo is now on offer through Dick Smith for $29 including delivery. As OzBargain commenters point out, it’s showing up at similar prices through other stores later in the week. [Dick Smith via OzBargain]


    • Frank, you’re dead right. Seriously Telstra simply don’t care about prepaid side of their business.
      From customer service to activation to the actual product, it’s like the poor cousin of the services where they actually make money.
      They kept rejecting my credit card number despite the fact that I’ve been using the same card to pay for 2 other Telstra services for the past 5 years! & Phone support for prepaid is like dealing with the telecom/telstra of the bad old days before they were privatized, a nightmare.

  • This thing SHOULD be on clearance, because it has issues. Many have been returned to Telstra. See that cool little flippy USB connector? It’s really a cool flippy bottom-half-of-USB connector, with the top half of the plug missing. This results in a non-tight fit in most USB ports. Meaning, you bump the side of your laptop (extended vertical component of USB stick) with your pinky as you type, you disconnect. Worse: sometimes, under conditions I have yet to isolate, you (do something – maybe bumping the USB stick, maybe inserting or removing it at exactly the wrong time) that KILLS THE USB PORT. I don’t mean “until you reboot”, either, unfortunately. (Search the web… you’ll see that others have encountered this… I would not have believed it, if I had not found those reports before it happened to me.)

    Purchase at your own peril. I’ve had better luck with the Optus World Cup soccer USB sticks at Harvey Norman for about $24.

  • Plugged straight in and after activation works flawlessly on my Linux PC (Peppermint-2)
    Device is recognised automatically.
    Only setup required was to enter `telstra nextG’ in network manager under `mobile broadband’

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