Dealhacker: ALDI Selling Kaspersky 2012 For $24.99

Dealhacker: ALDI Selling Kaspersky 2012 For $24.99

Amidst its customary range of occasional cheap notebook PCs and other gadgets, ALDI from tomorrow has an unusual inclusion in its special deals: Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 for $24.99. It’s the basic anti-virus offering for a single PC over two years, and is selling for $15 less than the regular price. [ALDI]


  • C’mon guys, I realise you have to make a buck, but haven’t we already figured out that MSE is the best value at free, and at the top of the pile for squashing bugs and viri. Also it just upgraded itself this week.

    • Absolutely agree – don’t come here to get advertising. It just devalues the site, the information and makes it even less likely I will return.

  • I don’t want to sound like I am trolling but anything that lifehacker posts that mentions Kaspersky should be taken with a grain of salt as Angus traved to Spain on their dime last year. Everyone should do some research and just becuase it is cheap or free does not make It the best for you. Read some reviews, talk to friends to track down the IT Crowd at work .

  • Kaspersky has always been ranked in the top 3 anti-virus programmes. It is a capable and effective antivirus engine and for those using it this is a cheap way to renew their subscription. If you want FREE, then you should be using Avira – an excellent product I have used for many, many years. A test prior to the latest MSE update by Austrian AV testing company AV-Comparatives ranked MSE last amongst 20 well known security products (PDF).
    Other lab test results may be found here

    • Been using MSE since release and never had an infection. I think maybe you must be very biased. As for the posts you left you will find a lot of stuff like that for and against except Microsoft isn’t trying to sell you anything, it’s just in their best interest to get as much crap of the net as possible. Try searching for anti virus reviews and you will find very few that even mention MSE. That’s not because it’s no good, it’s because it’s free and there is no money in reviewing it. Ask for MSE specific reviews and it scores highly.

      • ….”Been using MSE since release and never had an infection”.. Have you considered that you may have an infection and MSE has not detected it? Just Saying…..

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