Dealhacker: 20% Off Good Guys Gift Cards At Australia Post

Dealhacker: 20% Off Good Guys Gift Cards At Australia Post

Store gift cards rarely get sold at a discount, so this is notable: from today until May 20, Australia Post is selling gift cards for The Good Guys at 20 per cent off. Combine that with the chain’s in-store price matching offer and you could score some serious savings. [Australia Post via OzBargain]


  • Just did this on an ipad wifi/4g model. The good guys pricematched BigW on the ipad, $858 down from $899 then coupled with the 20% saving on the gift cards i walked away with the ipad for effectively $690. Why anyone would put a discount on gift cards which is effectively cash is beyond me but im not complaing. Leaving the country in 3 weeks for a holiday so there’s a GST refund of another 10% on my way out too.

    Pretty Happy right now πŸ™‚

  • No Drew it hasn’t. It started today (some stored allowed people to jump the gun last week) the signs are up in all the post offices I visited today before I found some.

  • No, I just purchased these from Aust Post in Ipswich. They didn’t know how to process this and had to look it up, but I eventually got them for 20% off. The problem was when I went to the Good Guys store, they came up invalid/unused. Apparently they take up to 48 hours to activate. πŸ™

    They were happy to use the Gift Cards with their best cash price, you just have to wait for the activation…still one of the best genuine offers I have seen for a while.

    • Just checked the cards and looks like the balance is updated! Down I go to pick it up. Roughly about 4 hours for it to go through, but don’t forget they have up to 48 hours to activate.

      • Fantastic! Got a great mixer/blender/mincer that was ticketed at $799 down to $535 after all discounts/giftcards. Even has a free pasta attachment worth $299 via redemption. Best I can see online is $573 + shipping. Thanks GGs!

  • The good guys price matching is a total joke. All 3 times I’ve tried it, they flat out refused, saying that the price I was offered elsewhere was below their cost price.

    Not worth the effort if they’re not going to honour their own advertised price matching deal. They have proved that they aren’t worthy of my business at all.

  • Yeah the deal officially starts today and yes posters are everywhere. When i got mine they had no idea what i was talking about until i pointed out the poster on the wall, they just failed to check the start date so i got lucky i guess :p

    • Yeah, well, how is this gonna be reinforced and moretonid? A bailiff will go home with each juror? Of course jurors have lives and when serving on a jury they enter into an agreement with the court to temporarily interrupt their lives for the duration of the trial.Seems to me that this judge is setting up the possiblity of an appeal before the jury has even been seated.

  • As soon as this deal came through from LifeHacker on my RSS feed I was down @ AusPost Gladesville. SOLD OUT. Randwick in the afternoon, SOLD OUT, then coogee SOLD OUT. does anyone know of a outlet that still has any?

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