Make An iPad Speaker With A Plastic Cup

If you want to watch videos on your iPad or other tablet from afar, without headphones, its built-in speaker is pretty worthless. This trick can boost the sound significantly with almost no work at all.

We've shared a bunch of ways to do this in the past — from sticky notes to blocks of wood to drilling holes in the tablet itself — but this is one of the best methods we've seen yet. All you need is a plastic cup and some scissors. Cut a hole in the end big enough for your tablet to fit in, and press play. You should find that the sound is significantly louder. Obviously, this won't boost the sound quality in any way — so music listening still won't be great — but for listening to podcasts or watching TV, it's a very clever solution.

iPad Amp [Reddit]


    This idea is great for a quick knockup. Took it one step further by using the lid off of a jar that my daughters latest tinkerbell plastic jewellry come in (lid of a medium size spice jar would do the same trick or if you are into it, maybe one of the lids of the yellow speciman jars). Just carefully cut out the right dimensions and you have a sturdy little add on that boost the sound and takes up no room for little to no cost (see what is lying around the house).

    Cheers for the great ideas, keep them up.

    i do this with my hand i just cup it around towards me

      That's exactly what I do, and it works pretty well on the go.

        Also, I'm liking the Arrested Development screenshot.

    If you connect 6 cups with string, do you get 5.1 surround sound? :p

      Needs to 5 cups and a bucket for the sub.

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