CPU DB Is A Database Of Microprocessor Specifications

Have you ever needed to look up something about a processor but didn't know where to go? CPU DB is an enormous database of information about pretty much every processor you'd ever need to research. The folks over at Stanford put it together to let you browse or search all the data (in real time).

Each entry for every processor includes the majority of its specifications plus benchmark ratings and often a photo. You can even download the entire database onto your computer if you want a local copy.

The database is useful if you're looking to build a computer and need to know the specifics about the processors you're considering. It's also helpful if you're overclocking. Whatever you're doing, if you need processor specs this is the place to go. It's easy to find what you're looking for and provides plenty of helpful information.

CPU DB [via How-To Geek]


    This is great! They have Fujitsu's as well.
    Maybe, just need to add mobile's CPU such as ARM family microprocessor.

    Errr... no, it's not "pretty much every processor". It's not even close to that.

    It's heavily biased towards x86, with a smattering of RISC and a couple of microcontrollers. Even some x86 processors (eg. Transmeta, Chips and Tech) aren't represented.

    This doesn't mean it's not useful, and it is early days. But don't overhype it.

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