Conceal Speaker Wires With Easy Paper Tubes

Keeping wires hidden in a home theatre setup can be a fiddly and expensive task, especially when you're connecting rear speakers. While you can purchase dedicated "raceways" to lay cable, reader Jay came up with a simpler solution: using paper.

Jay explains how he dealt with the problem:

I was trying to figure out a way to conceal wires from a surround sound set-up; you know how messy rear and front wires always end up around the room? I searched the internet and realised there are PVC "raceways" used to remedy this problem and keep things neat and tidy. Unfortunately it was Good Friday and there were no hardware stores open. But I wanted to conceal them now. NOW!!

So I came up with paper. Regular A4 paper, folded and rolled into small tubes, feeding the wire through each tube (one sheet made two tubes) until I had enough to conceal each wire.

They are then simply stuck along the skirting board as in my photo, and flattened so they are not so tube-like, and less noticeable.

I'm not sure how hard-wearing this would be, but it looks surprisingly professional. Thanks Jay!


    This is actually an awesome idea... Will use this.

    " looks surprisingly professional."
    Should read; "it looks surprisingly professional in this poorly lit, low resolution, phone camera photo"
    I can't imagine it:
    a) will last very long
    b) will look very good in real life where each piece of paper joins the next
    c) is particularly time efficient

      Your answer should look like this: "Looks pretty decent for a practically no budget answer to a mess of cables laying around. But hey I'm gonna pick the shit out of this because he didn't use a better camera...''
      I can imagine:
      a.) Given the fact it's inside, out of the weather, the paper will likely last a fair while. If there's ever a problem? 500 page reams of paper are what, 5 bucks?
      b.) So what, it looks better, much better than having wires laying everywhere.
      c.) Cry me a river. Did you do it for him? Most workarounds take time but the money saved can be a great thing for many people like myself. Bravo to this guy for being innovative.

    I guess it'll do until you save up and get some decent casing, or man up and run the wires through the wall/ ceiling/ floor.

    Ok lets see someone replicate this and tell us that it was 1 easy, 2 quick and 3 looks great?

    Or just pull of your skirting boards, take a small chisel and take out a notch in the wall, re-apply skirting boards and yay professional install :)

    Creative, especially as a short-term stop-gap measure. Kudos Jay!

    C'mon lifehacker, your job is to actually test these things and highlight how rubbish they really look, not just repost.

    it would last 2 weeks before the paper discolours and looks horrible

    I think this article was meant to be posted 16 days ago...

    There is so much negativity in these comments. Don't like what's posted - No one is asking you to read it. Would be good to get the finer details of this project - like how he joined the paper, what he used to attach it to the walls.

    When you're renting, sometimes you have no choice but to use "temporary" solutions!

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