CloudOn - Microsoft Office on an iPad

As it stands, the only way to open Microsoft Office apps on an iPad and guarantee document fidelity is to use some sort of remote access system to run Office on a PC running Windows. There are a couple of remote Windows solutions out there but CloudOn has just been updated and looks pretty good.

CloudOn's approach is different to many others and addresses one of the chief criticisms of iOS. Rather that try to replicate the entire Windows desktop on an iPad - something that leads to frustration as Windows was never really designed to run on a touchscreen - CloudOn starts by providing the iPad with a filesystem.

Using DropBox or, CloudOn makes it easy to access your documents. When you open a document, you're in Office 2010 without having to manage your way through Windows Explorer with your fingers.

CloudOn is free.


    One small problem, it's not available in Australia

      It's not available in here but you can download it using us itunes store. I use vpn express apps to access us itunes store. But you need to create us itunes id. Google it.
      Thanks lifehacker. It works a treat.

      So get an american itunes account.
      Google it or...simply...
      2) Register an email address with the physical address listed as a pizza hut somewhere in LA or NY or wherever you like (google one)
      3) Sign up on itunes for a US itunes account....

    I gave it a go but even on my 100mb connection there was a lot of lag... Also, there was horrible compression pixelation when I scroll through a document... Good to do some quick and dirty editing, but in no way good enough for proper work. For that, get one of the Office clone apps or use Citrix/RDP plus a bluetooth keyboard

    Getting sick of lifehacker AUSTRALIA merely coping the US feed without doing any fact checking. How many stories lately has presented services which aren't available outside the US. I might as well subscribe just to the US feed! There is one thing worse than no information - thats getting the wrong information....

      Actually, this article didn't come from the US site, it's written by the local team.

    Got splashtop when it was on sale recently ($2.49). Really fast RDP client. Seems to work well once you get used to navigating windows with a touch interface. Should probably mention that I VPN to my work network from home wi-fi (ADSL 8Mbs) , connect to my desktop Mac with Splashtop and manipulate office applications in Windows XP running under VMWare fusion.

    I do like hearing about them, but yes it would be nice if it said US only... I do have a US itunes account so ok for me, but for most, it is a bit of a disappointment when you get excited about something only to find it is US only

    Instructions on how to set up your own US iTunes account, without CC details:

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