Clean And Detail Your Own Car To Save Money

With winter on its way, you might be considering getting all that dust and dirt cleaned off your car. You could take it into a special shop and spend a bunch on a deep clean and detail, or you could just follow Popular Mechanics' simple guide to do it for yourself.

Photo by Eduardo Sciammarella.

Cleaning and detailing a car isn't a difficult task by any means, and knowing which steps to take is half the battle. The nice thing about doing it yourself is that you can only go through the steps you want. Don't care about the paint job? Skip it, but clean the interior with an air compressor and vacuum. If you have leather seats, rub a little conditioner with aloe on them to keep them nice and clean.

A good clean can be great for your car's life and help you sell it for more. If you want to tackle the project for yourself, hit up Popular Mechanics for an exhaustive look at all the steps with a few clever tricks and shortcuts throughout.

10 Tips to Clean and Detail Your Car Like a Pro [Popular Mechanics]


    you know what's even cheaper? Not washing your car. Also, I reckon the start of winter is the last time I'd do it - it's just going to get rained on.

      I wonder what's better on a rainy day, a car that's been waxed or one that's not. Enjoy the rust and depreciation from your neglect!

    The problem here in Australia with water restriction you just can't get out a bucket and hose, and wash your car. So by the time you take it to the car wash, you can run it through the cheap no touch wash or just get it detailed.

    You could wash your car once a month, clean the interior every 2 weeks including cleaning the glass, there is nothing worse than getting into a car dirtier than a taxi, i have no idea why people treat their cars like dump sites, seriously disgusting. I rather walk than go into a dirty car. If your friends are like that, then how are their houses, gross!

    I think that the problem is most people don't wash their car regularly so it takes a lot longer for them to clean it. I wash my car weekly, along with a vacuum and wipe down of interior surfaces. It takes me between 1/2 hour and 45 minutes and the car always looks brand new.

    Would have never thought of that one myself....

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