Check Out Apple's Refurbished Products

Next time you need something from the Apple Store, look online and scroll to the bottom left. You'll see a link to Apple's refurbished stock. All of the gear comes with a full, as new warranty at a solid discount. However, you may find that items aren't delivered in their original packaging.

[Apple Store]


    Prices on refurb iPads seem pretty shit, though? Refurbed iPad2 16GB with 3G is $519. You can buy one brand new from Apple for $569. Pretty sure you could find one in a retail store for less.

    I agree. No bargains there. Seems like Apple just moneygrubbing.

    Getting a we're updating our store message at the moment?

    They are actually great value refurbished as you get the full warranty. I have bought several items refurbed and they were untouched and brand new as far as I could tell. You'd be dumb to pay full price if you didn't have to!
    Best website you need to get auto alerted on new items added to Apple's site (and recent prices) is

    I got my IPod Touch 4th gen as a refurb and there was nothing wrong with it at all. Have used it for months with no issues.

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