Broomstick Organises And Hides Menu Bar Apps

Mac: If your Mac's menu bar is getting a little out of hand with apps it might be time to reorganise, hide away and clean them up a little. Broomstick is an app that can hide a number of popular apps as well as reorganise your menu bar to help you find what you're looking for fast.

The main purpose of Broomstick is to provide a simple way to hide away menu bar apps you don't need and provide a means to reorganise them when you're done. You can hide an app (and make it show up again) with a few clicks, and if you want to customise the order you can type in the order you want the apps to appear. It only works with a select amount of apps, but Broomstick supports a lot of popular programs like Dropbox, LogMeIn, CrashPlan and more. You can download it free from the developers site below.

Broomstick [Zipity via Addictive Tips]


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