Brisbane Council Looks For App Devs

Brisbane City Council has found a cheap way to get developers to create apps using their data - run a competition with some decent prize money. The hack::Brisbane competition challenges the developer community to help improve Brisbane through the creation of creative new apps, websites or tools that use Brisbane City Council data.

The Brisbane City Council is offering two $10,000 prizes. One prize goes to the best website or app that uses the council's data. The other is for and app or website using Brisbane City Council data that helps make Brisbane a more accessible and inclusive city.

To be certain, we like the idea of councils looking to the outside for imaginative ways to use the masses of data they accumulate and it's a great opportunity for a young developer to get a leg up and some profile. But great apps take a lot of time and expertise so $10,000 looks to be a bargain for the council.

Details about the competition are available from the competition home page [Brisbane City Council]. Entries close on 15 May.


    The public already under values developers without rubbish like this.

    I've seen it promoted for almost a year or so now. No one is really participating that I know of.

    @Corey: Why is it 'rubbish'? Seems like a pretty good idea. No-one's forced to enter, and if they do, they're not handing anything over (they keep copyright, the app can be commercial, etc). Sounds like a typical Australian middle-class whinge to me.

    NYC have also done this previously. @Corey: $10,000 if you're a student is a lot of money!

    I don't think this will be very successful because: 1 it's far better to have apps that work in many locations. 2. the Council should focus on apps that interact with the Council's back end system information. They could help by establishing the gateways and publishing the specs required to interface with them. Eg: an app for firefighters showing which houses have pools for emergency water supply.

    Or one that also shows water and sewerage lines or zoning information. Or that shows upcoming events or allows things to be booked.

    I considered entering something into this comp when it started about a year ago. The fact that most of their data is provided in a csv file or on it's own webpage put me off. Providing the data as a real web service I think would have attracted much more interest.

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