Bluetooth Screen Lock Secures Your Mac When A Bluetooth Device Is Out Of Range

Mac: It's sometimes easy to forget to remember to lock your Mac's screen when you walk away. If you're looking for a simple automatic solution, Bluetooth Screen Lock is a utility that automatically locks your screen when you walk away with a paired Bluetooth device.

Bluetooth Lock Screen is a simple utility, but it comes in handy if you always forget to lock your screen. With a Bluetooth device like a smartphone or tablet paired with your Mac, you can set Bluetooth Screen Lock to kick on the screensaver and require a password login when you walk out of range. It's an effective way to trigger a screen lock when you forget. Bluetooth Screen Lock is a 99¢ download in the Mac App Store.

Bluetooth Screen Lock [Mac App Store via Addictive Tips]


    Is there an equivalent Windows application that does this?

      Yes -
      I just set this up for myself and a colleague last week and it works great (no upside down screens or NSFW wallpapers when I leave my desk and forget to lock it). It takes a bit of fiddling to get working as it doesn't define what happens when you move away, it just calls another program which you choose. It's a bit more flexible that way, but all you need to do is creat a batch file, e.g. lock.bat and enter the following in it -

      %windir%\System32\rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation

      then call that file from the above program.

    I used to run something similar with my oldddddd iBook G3 and a Sony Ericsson T610. It'd lock when I left the room and unlock when I walked in. Very handy.

    link doesn't work anymore

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