Bladeless Potato Peeling

Peeling potatoes is one of those jobs that always takes longer than you expect. According to one source - we assume they're from the Department for Useless Statistics - we spend one month of our lives denuding spuds.

The process is pretty straightforward. Cook the potato in boiling water, pop it into ice water for a few seconds and then pull the skin off.

Quick-peeling an egg [YouTube] is also pretty nifty although we're not sure that the process is all that hygienic.

From via Mail Online


    And it took 40 minutes to boil the potato?

    Not all that hygienic?
    Could you possibly be bigger germaphobes?

    how long do you boil the spud for

    'Save 1 month of your life.' Which month does any 'month of your life' saving strategy actually save? I'll tell you. The LAST month, the WORST month of your life.

    I read it as this peeling method ensuring 30 additional days of misery to all those who would employ it. While you're wasting away in a hospital bed or old peoples' home like stinky abandoned leftovers hidden in the bottom tray of the fridge at work, I'll already be dead. Sux to be you.

      Heard it. Which comedian did you nick it from, I can't quite remember? One difference though, their delivery was funny.

        Shit, here I was thinking I was original, and it turns out someone else has already made that observation AND they did it with actual humour. Damn.

        Hey, can I send you all my ideas before I post them to make sure you haven't heard them before? I think we'd all really benefit from your awesome memory and comedian name recollection.

        You can also let me know which ones are funny and which ones aren't to save on the humiliation of being told in an open forum like this one. My self esteem is really running kinda low right now, and I'm struggling to control my violent emotion outbursts and deep need to enact revenge for the smallest of slights.

        I'm not very good with email, but I can write letters and mail them to you if that's OK. TELL ME THE ADDRESS OF WHERE YOU LIVE.

        Thanks, Kendal.


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