Better Prepare Yourself To Navigate Challenges By Thinking Like A Student

Everyone faces challenges on a daily basis and it's impossible to be prepared for all of them. However, if you went to university, or even just moved out of your parent's house around 18, then you might know more than you think about being unprepared. Time notes a few simple things we can all learn from how first-year university students handle challenges.

Photo by Tulane Public Relations.

Most students are unprepared for what university is really like from an academic and social level. That unpreparedness is something we can learn from and it breaks down to four simple ideas:

  1. Know what you don't know.
  2. Figure out the unwritten rules.
  3. Make connections.
  4. Embrace a new identity while preserving the old one.

If you find yourself taking on a particularly difficult task that you're not ready for, or you're diving into a new career, think back to your post-high school or early university days to remind yourself of what you learned. Hit up the link on Time for a list of some of the ways you can learn from the experiences of a first-year student.

What We Can Learn from First-Generation College Students [Time]


    By going to the pub and getting minced, sleeping in then copying the answer off a geeky mate?

    Determine if this will be on the exam before you pay any attention?

    Post comments late and make excuses - I missed this post because I was sick.

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