Another Dubious Email Marketer Gets Busted, Australia Rejoices

If you're considering buying an email list for marketing, don't. Two reasons: firstly, you'll annoy a lot of people. Secondly, you could get busted by the Australian Communications and Marketing Authority (ACMA), as travel marketing company Ezystays learned this week.

Picture by Arnold Galiato

Ezystays copped a formal warning this week after sending unsolicited email messages to Australian addresses without getting permission. Here's what went down:

The ACMA received complaints alleging Ezystays had sent marketing messages by email without the recipient’s consent. Ezystays claimed it was able to send the emails because the recipients’ email addresses appeared on a purchased marketing list. The investigation concluded that the fact an email address appeared on a marketing list did not mean that Ezystays had consent from the recipients to send them marketing messages.

Under the Spam Act, you can send emails to existing customers, but buying a list isn't going to meet that standard. So don't do it. Easy, hey?



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      +1 hahahahaha!

      +1 hahahahaha!

      If you guys had ever BOTHERED to read the article, you'd KNOW that the safest practise is to wrap babies in spam or other well preserved meats. But NO, you had to go and shoot your mouth off without doing the slightest bit of research first.

      You, sir, are an ignoramous

    Spam is a blight on my inbox so I cheer any and all steps toward its demise ... but I didn't know Spam came in so many flavours ... Bacon? Cheese? Hawaii? I am giddy with excitement ...

      Especially the "Hot & Spicy" flavour...

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