Alternative Uses For Easter Eggs

Alternative Uses For Easter Eggs

Now that we’ve all moved from Easter to chocolate overload it’s time to do something with all that chocolate that’s lying around the house.

Aside from simply consuming all those eggs, bunnies and bilbies, there are a few other things you can do with all that creatively moulded chocolate.


A quick web search reveals thousands of recipes for desserts that use melted milk chocolate. Although many Easter treats aren’t made with premium grade chocolate, converting a bunch of eggs into a chocolate tart or mousse makes them into a special treat. Or simply smash them and use them as alternative for purchased chocolate chips in your favourite cookie recipe.

Cake Decorations

We’re lucky that one of our kids has a birthday not long after Easter. Small, solid eggs make easy cake decorations. Either arrange them or cut them in half to create interesting designs. Smashing larger, hollow eggs can produce fragments to create a cratered planet surface. You can also melt them and drizzle them over a cake, slice or other dessert.

Muffin Surprise

This is a variation on using them in recipes but filled eggs can be placed in the middle of muffins. As the muffins bake, the eggs melt, giving the eater a nice surprise.

What else are Easter eggs and bunnies good for?


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