Accent Your Stairs With Cheap LED Strips And An Arduino

If you're looking for a way to spice up your boring staircase, DIYer Geert shows off a simple way to safely light up your stairwell with programmable, colour-changing LED strips mounted directly to the stairs.

These might come in handy if you have a long staircase with bad lighting or if you just want to save a little energy by running LED lights instead of an overhead light. The strips are mounted to the stairs and the colours are controlled by an Arduino.

Next on Geert's list of improvements is adding sensors to control the colour changing and animations, which should also come in handy for turning the lights on and off as you walk up the stairs. Hit up Geert's blog post for a guide to doing it yourself.

LEDs [Just a thought... via Hack a Day]


    Not sure I would consider using those colours.. but it's a good idea.. with some white LEDs it might be a lot more classy. I guess it depends on the decor.. blue or yellow might work in some cases.. but that picture of the green ones looks tacky to me.

      I agree; it looks pretty tacky. I think the right colour stairs and LEDs it could look ok, but in the picture above it doesn't look too great.

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