ABC Android App Update Streams News 24

The long-promised update to the ABC's Android app has finally been released. We were promised two months ago that the update was "on the way", which makes the release fairly speedy compared to some apps we could mention.

The app offers live streaming of ABC News 24 and 28 radio stations, as well as the ability to browse ABC news sites. The new version only runs on Android 2.2 and above (the older release ran on Android 1.5 devices as well). However, the ABC warns that older phones may have some challenged with the streaming. In the announcement press release, mobile executive producer Manuela Davidson explained:

We will be serving ABC News24 to pre-Honeycomb smartphones with Flash 11 and to Honeycomb and ICS with HLS. However, despite all of our efforts, we know some devices running Froyo and Gingerbread won’t be able to play ABC News24 because of hardware limitations.

iOS remains the dominant platform for ABC site visitors, accounting for 84 per cent of the audience. The improved Android app might well change that. The ABC Android app is a free download.

ABC [Google Play]


    It's good to see the ABC doing more non-iOS apps. Considering that the ABC is supposed to be non-commercial, and not favour any particular vendor, the ABC app developers have been giving Apple a big free ride.

    It looks quite nice, but I do miss being able to filter local (by State) news.

    Fail lifehacker..... its not called the market anymore.... its the play store, your URL is wrong!

    Actually on some tablet devices it is still called the market, so it's still legit...

    Sorry but they have a long way to go before I'll believe the ABC is committed to anything other than IOS. The Start Screen is in Portrait only (silly on a Tablet) and where is iView? I would have thought they would have realised by now that Android is becoming more popular by the day.

    I've just tried it out on my Galaxy S II. It looks like it may just be playing flash video directly from the website within the application? It's a good start, now all we need is a quality iview application like the one on ios.

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