A Tech Editor’s Classic Workspace

A Tech Editor’s Classic Workspace

This streamlined workspace with its vintage style belongs to Joshua Topolsky, co-founder and editor of tech news site The Verge. Topolsky’s organised his space for a very pleasing, balanced visual composition and focused productivity.

There’s that large monitor turned vertically to stream news and social info on the side (essential for his work) and the MacBook Air with its small screen, by comparison, as the focal point. Using that small notebook as his main tool might actually help him be more productive than if he had two, three or more larger monitors flanking his desk.

Looking at the workspace, with the Roy Lichtenstein artwork, choice of furniture and clean desktop, you can tell these were all purposeful design decisions. Hit up his Google+ post for more office photos, which include such nostalgic accoutrements as an old Brother electric typewriter.

Joshua Topolsky – Office [Google+ via SimpleDesks]


  • I think Josh knows exactly what he’s doing. So I wouldn’t be trying to be a smartarse about how he could be more productive when it’s been made clear that he is rather productive..

    Nice try Allure Media.. Nice try.. But The Verge contains far better journalism.

    • Chessus, did you read the article properly?
      It says “using that small notebook as his main tool might actually help him be more productive”. How is that being a smartarse? Melanie is complementing him on his desk layout and its components, and even linking what he has done to a page about screen size written by Lifehacker.

      If you are going to try and criticise someone, try and do it with a little bit of intelligence.

  • I did indeed, it would seem that the article has been edited as it originally made a point of saying using more screens would make it more productive.

  • OUCH!

    How would you not get a sore neck between the massive rotated monitor, and the laptop screen.

    The perfect position for a screen is with the top of the screen being eye level. Both of these are way off that, in opposite directions!

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