XBMC 11.0 Eden Just Released

XBMC 11.0 Eden Just Released

Over a year in development, XBMC 11.0 released today. Milestones include addon rollbacks, improvements in the default skin “Confluence”, speed increases, movie set scraping better protocol handling and many more.

The full list of features can be found on XBMC’s official site in the source link below.

XBMC 11.0 Eden [XBMC]


    • 1) PVR functionality has been available in unofficial builds for over a year.
      2) Who the hell would want PVR anyways? 2 mins downloading a tv show ad free VS having to leave PC on to record a show, only to have the TV Network change the start/end time.

      XBMC for ever.

      • Their are several reasons to PVR. limited internet access. Legal vs. Illegal. If you use a paid service to download shows, PVR is cheaper. Many people find PVR technically and conceptually easier. Whilst this wouldn’t apply to some who has setup XBMC, it does answer your question of “Why the hell would want PVR anyways”.

        Different solutions suit different people.

      • Are you telling us that every show we might want to record on Australian TV is available for download? Where is this magical torrent site that has this stuff?

        I’ve been using Windows Media Center with Media Browser for my PVR and home theatre needs since mid-2010. It’s done me well so far. I’d only consider changing if I was REALLY wowed by something. And it’d have to have a very good PVR.

      • Where’s these “unofficial” builds?

        Why would I download stuff when I can record it for free? Every download comes off my monthly quota, Why would I tell the better half to download episodes of Neighbours when they’re aired first in Australia and we can record them off the air and play them back much easier and quicker than downloading?

  • I use plex on my mac which is perfect but just built a home theatre pc…

    tried plex and xbmc 11.0 and still preferred plex , although I’m thinking of ditching foxtel and wanted something with a PVR and EPG (that works) and the best option was MediaPortal for PC. It’s a pain in the ass to set up but once you get the right codecs, and add ons it provides the most automated and well integrated media centre. There are some folks on the mediaportal forums who have added a card reader to their PC that allows them to bypass their foxtel set top box and even integrate their paid foxtel subscription, and EPG into mediaportal.

  • There’s a good little xbmc “appliance” version called OpenElec that’ll basically boot off an old spare USB stick. It has PVR functionality. Never used that component though. I just used it to try build a HTPC capable of full 1080p playback without a single moving part (zero noise). Worked a treat and is now my main media pc.

    • Hey Alex, I’m thinking about trying OpenElec – I know you mentioned that you haven’t really used the PVR, but do you know if the PVR displays the EPG for Australia? I tried some plug-ins for XBMC in the past, and could never get it to work…

  • Is there a way to update from the old version or do we need to download and install from scratch. I don’t think I want to go through setting it up again from scratch.

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