Use Keynote To Design Documents And Web Sites

Paul Woods at design firm ESPI notes that the team there hardly ever uses its Adobe Creative Suite tools to design web sites, presentations, or other design-needed items. Instead, everybody turns to Apple's Keynote, part of the $129 iWork suite.

It's not so much that Keynote does everything well, as Woods is honest about the limitations, including the lack of robust hot keys. But the point is that, for many projects, Keynote's wire frame tools and wide range of export formats can get the job done quite well, once you learn how to use it without assuming it's just for slides.

ESPI at work: The power of Keynote [Edenspiekermann]


    I dare say this isn't really limited to Keynote.
    I use Powerpoint 2007 to do quite a few design projects in my office.

    This is a fail.

    ESPI's example site - - returns 196 errors and 167 warnings on the W3C's validator.

    (Oh sure, at first it only says 12 when you validate by URI, but that's because one of the errors is so bad, the validator gives up and stops checking before it gets to the body.)

    The HTML generated by this process is horrific.

    You can make a webpage using Microsoft Word, or Keynote or who knows what else. You can also use a fire extinguisher to hammer in nails. That doesn't make it a good idea. Learn to use the tools designed to do the job you're doing.

      The article is pretty clear that Keynote is only used for design, as an alternative to adobe cs. I imagine the markup would be done seperately.

    Great tip, I absolutely hate designing web pages in photoshop and have not considered keynote or alternatives. I used to design in iWeb (and then build in DreamWeaver) but found it very painful for some things.

    I feel sorry for people that have to use keynote or power point to do anything

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