Use Coca Cola To Help Start A Compost Pile

Coca Cola's sweet and acidic properties can come in handy when you're building a compost pile for your garden. Household weblog Stylelist Home recommends that you wait for the can or bottle to go flat and then pour it over your compost pile — the sweetness will attract micro-organisms and the mild acid of the soda will also help break down organic material destined to become compost.

Photo by DeusXFlorida

I wouldn't make a habit of regularly doing this, but if you have no other materials in your compostables that would attract pests an occasional soda will most likely work as advised.

5 New Uses for Coca Cola [Stylelist via Treehugger]


    Or better yet, look at how unethical the coca cola company is, and dissolve some sugar in water and add a small amount of lemon juice to it. Make as much as you want - you don't have to wait for it to go flat and you can make far more (even in the microwave if you are clever!) with the same money it will cost to buy 600ml of coke.

    Plus you aren't funding human rights abuses and destructive environmental practises.

      Ugh, you're the worst.

    Coca Cola, cigarettes for your stomach

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