Use An Analogue Alarm Clock To Disable Forced Screensavers

Some employers have security policies that require mandatory password-protected screensavers after a minute or two of idle time. This can be extremely annoying since every time you take a phone call or jot down notes you have to login again. For a low-tech solution to this problem keep an analogue alarm clock on hand.

Any time you need to take your hands off your keyboard and/or mouse, Reddit user acntech recommends placing your mouse on an analogue alarm clock — the ticking will register as movement and keep the screensaver from engaging. This tip also works when watching longer videos on any computer.

How to use an analogue alarm clock to disable forced corporate screensavers on your PC or laptorp [Reddit]


    Gold! Thanks.

    An (even) lower tech solution on Windows is to pop up the start menu and then wedge a bit of paper around the up arrow key to keep it depressed. The keyboard auto-repeat will stop the session from locking and do nothing other then rapidly select the items in your start menu.

    I appreciate the lateral thinking involved but there are quite a few apps that take care of this now - I personally use one called caffeine, which works a treat.

      "there are quite a few apps that take care of this now"
      But you can't install these on work computers

    If your company cares enough about security to put a password on your screensaver, they are probably not going to take to kindly to you circumventing it and you run the risk of being accused of circumventing company security which could have serious consequences .

    What Sean said - security is there for a reason, not because the IT weenies are bored and just want to make your life a misery. Reminds me of those people famously surveyed who'd give up their password for a chocolate bar.

    That's a fantastic idea. A simple and effective solution if there is policy in place to block permissions installing apps. As for enforced security, yes, well that's a good point, but sometimes, in certain circumstances, a bypass is in order. Thanks for the tip!

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