Twist A Bottle Cap Into A Bar Of Soap To Prevent Soap Slime

Soap slime, aka that gross layer of soap that accumulates underneath a bar of soap after you set it down, is one of life's minor annoyances, but an annoyance nonetheless. Reddit user Pavement_ist_rad had enough of it and decided to hack a bottle cap on the bottom of a bar of soap to prevent the slime from building up.

Using a standard bottle cap, twist it into the bottom of a bar of a soap and you have yourself a little platform for the soap to stand on. This prevents the wet soap from leaking all over the place and creating a layer of soap slime in your shower or countertop. Have your own trick for combatting soap slime? Share it in the comments.

How to prevent slim bar soap syndrome [Reddit]


    Err... they rust in the esky after a few days, let alone the shower.

    You're joking, right? just rub the soap on your hands first if you don't like the "slime". Having to adjust a rusty bottle cap every 2nd time you shower is definitely more annoying, and potentially more dangerous.

      @Tim couldn't you just use a plastic bottle top?

    Yeah, we used to do this with razor blades back when I was in prison.

    dont shower - problem solved

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