Turn Wooden Shutters Into A Wall Organiser

Surprisingly enough, wooden shutters can be wonderful to hang inside your home, not just outside. In your entryway or home office, the numerous louvers can hold messages, artwork, to-dos and much more.

Martha Stewart says for adjustable louvers, you'll need to lock them into the up position by driving a brad through the tilt bar and into the frame. While there are three shutters shown here, painted and mounted together, you could use as many as you like.

I've also seen shutters used as wall magazine holders, so these are pretty versatile organising tools to make the most of your vertical space.

Entryway Organizers [Martha Stewart]


    Martha's jail cell obviously didn't have a view - what's the point of having shutters if you can't open them?

    The "dust bunnies" would just love to have those hanging around our houses, I am sure :-). We had shutter type doors on a large linen cupboard in one house we lived in. They were very frustrating to clean! The organizer idea is good - if you don't care about housekeeping - LOL!

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