Trakr Is A Simple Way To Track Everything You Do

iPhone: Tracking your accomplishments and failures is a great way to get a gauge on how you're doing with specific goals, but actually keeping a tally of those accomplishments can be hard. Trakr is an iPhone app that allows you to quickly and easily track anything with a number.

You can use Trakr in a variety of ways. If you're trying to cut down on the amount of coffee you're drinking, you can track how many cups you consume by setting up a tab and adding a cup each time you walk over to the coffee pot. Alternately, you can set goals and track them as you go along. For instance, if you want to walk at least 100km in a month, you can set your goal and add kilometres as you complete them. Trakr will show your percentage completed as you go along.

It's a simple way to keep tallies on everything you do and can help you see how you're spending your time, if you're meeting goals, and what days you're working best. Trakr is 99¢ in the iTunes App Store.

Trakr [iTunes App Store via The Next Web]


    You can't amend/edit goal measurements or titles after you set them, you have to delete them and start over. Example, Title, "Eat 50 Expensive Meals." Units "Meals." Action "Ate." Shows as '50 Meals Ate' which means I have to delete this and eat ANOTHER 50 expensive meals. Damn. Pass the quail.

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