Tie Shoes To The Dryer Door To Keep Them From Making Noise

If you hate waiting around for shoes to dry after a day in the rain, Reddit user null_value shows how to dry them quickly in a dryer without the annoying racket of shoes tumbling around inside.

The idea is pretty simple. Pull the shoe strings up over the outside of the dryer door with the shoes on the inside. Close the door and the strings will hold the shoes in place so they don't tumble around.

For most shoes, you probably want to keep the dryer on a lower heat so it doesn't ruin the leather or plastic, but it's still a lot quicker than stuffing newspaper inside them and waiting overnight.

LPT: How to put shoes in the dryer. [Reddit]


    Shoe "strings"? They're called laces. Also, they'll not last long if you twist and untwist them like this. Use some string or cord you don't mind stuffing up.

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