The Best Manufacturers For Android Updates

The Best Manufacturers For Android Updates

Most of us are still waiting for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on our phones, nearly five months after the update was announced. Weblog Computerworld summarises which manufacturers are following through on their promises, and which ones aren’t.

Computerworld discussed this subject once before, back when Andorid 2.2 “Froyo” came out, but things have changed a little bit since then. Computerworld’s current “report card” looks at tons of Android manufacturers and grades them on when they promised their Ice Cream Sandwich updates, and how well they’re following through on those promises. Surprisingly, many tablet manufacturers like Acer, Archos and Asus did a great job of updating quickly, while the handset manufacturers like HTC, Samsung and Motorola are reneging on promises or aiming for updates in the latter half of the year (with Motorola being the worst and HTC being the best-but-still-not-good-enough winner). Hit the link for the full rundown.

Android 4.0 Report Card: Which Manufacturers Are Failing? [Computerworld]


  • the worst thing is it doesnt matter if you pick the best of the bunch from that report because our great aussie carriers will delay updates way beyond the point of them being worth it anyway, for those that dont root and flash that is

  • Used to have an HTC but because Sense is a piece of crap and their updates are horrendous, moved to Nexus S and got it updated to ICS using a ROM(?) released by Verizon or some other US mobile phone provider. Now I’m intent on just purchasing the google nexus phones since they seem to be the only ones supported first before the other brands.

  • Does a phone bought 1 or 2 years ago really need to have the latest O/S? Would you put Windows 7 on an old PC? When you bought your phone, did you buy it with the thought that one day there would be a better version of Android?

    I can’t honestly understand this argument in all but the most recent releases of phones and tablets and of those, they are only a handful which have the update on the horizon already.

    • YESSS! Especially if you got a good phone with good enough specs to run the latest and greatest. I have a 5 yr old computer that I put windows 7 on. 🙂 Does work a bit slow, but that’s more because it only has 1gb of ram

  • I believe these ‘lesser’ brands are quite up to date with their updates because they don’t put their crappy UI layer on top, which honestly only makes me want to buy a device less than I would if it had the standard Android UI. And then, of course, there’s the carriers with their bloatware…

    I honestly wonder if there’s anyone out there at all who is thankful for the extra layer of crap these companies force on consumers…

    • Some people aren’t tech savey enough to want/need/get over the fear of breaking there phony by rooting. Most of the people buying android phones are doing so for 3 reasons, they are over iPhones, they are cheap or they are attracted to the phone for a specific reason. Only a small portion have a need to do it. I was an early adopter and flashed my HTC Magic straight away, however when I got my GS2 I had no reason to flash it for months after I got it, and I am still yet to flash my galaxy nexus.

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