Test Drive The Windows 8 Consumer Preview By Running It In VirtualBox

Test Drive The Windows 8 Consumer Preview By Running It In VirtualBox

If you’re on the fence about the new Windows 8 consumer preview and not sure whether all of the new features are enough to make you want to upgrade, or whether you’d like the new Metro interface, here’s a safe way to give the preview a try without risking a computer or a lot of setup time to do so: use VirtualBox.

The system requirements for Windows 8 aren’t particularly high, but if you just don’t want to dedicate a whole computer to playing around with the preview, the folks at ExtremeTech point out that the new consumer preview — unlike the developer’s preview from last year — takes to virtualisation remarkably well, and VirtualBox in particular. They have a detailed walk-through of the setup and configuration process, complete with some common issues you may run into and how to fix them.

Some of you are already using some virtualisation software to test drive Windows 8. What are you using and how is it going? Share your impressions and experiences in the comments below.

Virtualizing Windows 8 Consumer Preview Is a Breeze with VirtualBox [ExtremeTech]


  • VMware is easy too:
    1. Choose Radio Box 3 (I will give the disk later)
    2. Choose Windows 7 x64 options
    3. Customise adapters screen, change CD\DVD to use Windows 8 ISO
    4. Boot and continue
    5. Get into OS Metro Screen choose Desktop
    6. Install VMware Tools (This will fix the metro menu issue)

    If the metro screen doesn’t work go to desktop and change resolution above 1280

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