Swann Wireless DJ Doorbell Plays Your Music

If your doorbell is too loud, inaudible, or just plain dull, the Swann Wireless DJ Doorbell lets you customise it with any MP3 file. Even better, it rings wirelessly so you can put the receiver in any location you want (up to 100 metres away).

The $69.95 device works with a doorbell that you can attach to any doorframe, and includes a receiver that's actually an MP3 player. The receiver comes with 32 built-in tones, but you can add your own by placing MP3 files on an SD card.

You really only need a single tone to customise, but if you want a little variety you've got the option. Both the doorbell and the receive run off AA batteries. If you've got a problematic doorbell or just want one you can customise, check it out.

MP3 DJ Doorbell [Swann via Apartment Therapy Tech]


    I've had one of these for about 2 years. The only issue that I found was that the receiver tended to lockup when running on batteries. Plugging it in to a power source seems to have fixed the lockups. My only problem now is settling the fights over what tune to use ;-)

    Brought one of these for our service desk at work... never got the MP3s to play off the SD card no matter what we tried (We are an IT department, we should know this stuff). Stuck with the stock built-in tones. Also had issues running off batteries like Daz after the first few days

    sooo its... sticky taped to the door? ok cool if i was a kid id steal the damn thing and hide in a bush pushing it to piss off that house

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