Six Custom Chrome Themes

Google recently released a new tool that lets you create your own custom themes for Chrome, and it's pretty awesome. Here are six of our favourites.

World Map

Download this theme [by Juan Carlos Bermudez]

Cherry Blossoms In DC

Download this theme [by the7gerbers]

Coffee Break

Download this theme [by the7gerbers]

Feuilles 2

Download this theme [by med ba]

Ice Cream Sandwich

Sorry, we don't currently have a link to download this theme. [by davidcfleck]

Blade Runner

Download this theme [by Melchorio]


    Every one of these with a link has a new-tab-background too small for a 1080p monitor. Lameee... some of them look nice.

      On further inspection, it seems images get downsized. I created my own with a 1080p wall I've got, and it still came out blurry since I had to tell it to stretch to fill the screen (didn't make sense to me).

      Seems Google are deliberately downsizing all images - why would they do this given the huge proportion of 1080p+ monitors out these days?

    My theme:

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