Salvage Transformers From Broken Microwaves

If you're a serious electronics hobbyist, you'll find that a large portion of your project cost consists of transformers. There are thousands of non-functioning microwave ovens out there that contain perfectly good transformers that you can safely use and remove as long as you follow the correct procedures.

YouTube user MattsAwesomeStuff has a 3-part video series on just how to salvage the transformer, strip away unnecessary modules, and prepare the transformers for use in your own projects. The author gives great step-by-step instructions along with safety procedures such as discharging the capacitors before trying to remove the transformer.

Have you ever successfully salvaged electronics components from common household items? If so, let us know in the comments below.

Easiest MOT Salvage Tutorial Pt. 1 [YouTube via Hack a Day]


    Switch-mode power supplies (eg mobile phone chargers) are great ways to power LED lights from mains supply, charge batteries (you can even series them up for higher voltages) and they can also work as DC to DC converters eg. stepping down a 36V battery to 12V etc.

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