Repurpose Clothes Hanger Clips Into Chip Clips

If your chips clips disappear as often as mine do (usually to be found later in my eight-year-old son's bedroom), you can keep plenty on hand by cutting the clips meant to hold pants or skirts from clothes hangers.

Crafster user noooitaremybirthday offered the tip on creating free chip clips from hangers you most likely already have. Just saw the clips off the hanger and you're good to go.

Unexpected Chip Clips [Craftster via Reddit]


    Or you can not destroy a perfectly good coat hanger and use a peg?

    As this type of clothes hanger is generally not commercially available, and only used in stores, then the hanger was obviously stolen. Being a thief, why not just steal a new bag of chips and throw out the half finished ones...

    Binder clips FTW.

    In my world, they're up there with ducktape as an all-purpose thing to have in the kitchen drawer, backpack, etc. I don't travel without them.

    With binder clips, one can make a tent out of a tarp or a bogan sunshade out of a beach umbrella and a tarp, clip a towel to a tarp for an impromptu picnic blanket, fasten a towel around one at the beach on a windy day, clip a full skirt so that it's not going to do the "Marilyn Monroe thing" as you're walking down the street on a windy day, etc.

    Besides, in my world, skirt hangers with two functional clips are a lot rarer than binder clips. ;-)

    Hmmm... I just realized something.... With respect to "why not just use a peg?", was this another American import story?

    The reason I ask is that many (perhaps most) homes in America no longer have clothes lines, and in fact, estates have restrictive covenants that disallow them. Perhaps the people to whom this story was aimed.... don't OWN clothes pegs!

    Bull dog clips work well too...

      Next to sliced bread, I find the clips from Ikea the best thing, 30 for $2!

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