Replicate Broken Appliance Parts With A 3D Printer

Replicate Broken Appliance Parts With A 3D Printer

If you repair your own appliances you know that success or failure often hinges on whether or not you can find small plastic or metal parts that may no longer be produced. Finnish hacklab site P0RV00 H4CKLAB was able to successfully replicate a small unobtainable plastic part for a Matsui MF654EWN dishwasher using a 3D printer.

Popular 3D Printing design site ThingVerse has over 2,765 3D printing plans for replacement parts currently available. When you consider that 3D printers have only been popularly available for the past few years, it seems to me that in the near future we may be able to find many replacement parts quickly and efficiently using this method.

Until we get to that point, if you have a similarly broken small part for which you can’t find a replacement, you may want to find a local student or amateur hackspace or makeshop. The users there would probably welcome the challenge and design and print your part for a small fee.

Dishwasher Hack [P0RV00 H4CKLAB via Hack A Day]

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