Quickly Cut A Capsicum By Skipping The Seeding

Quickly Cut A Capsicum By Skipping The Seeding

If you spend your time removing seeds and the core from a capsicum before cutting it, Reddit user mechanical_fungineer suggests a far simpler method: cut around the core and skip those steps entirely.

Start by cutting off the top and bottom of the capsicum and then cut away the sides. What you’re left with is the core and seeds all stuck together in a nice, clean structure. You won’t have to worry about cleaning up the seeds that have fallen everywhere or cutting up the core. (Oz editor note: I’ve always cut capsicum this way, but I know from experience many people don’t. Definitely worth the time saving!)

LPT: How to cut up bell peppers without having to remove seeds or membrane [Reddit]


  • That way is terrible, and doesn’t allow you to cut long strips from the capsicum.

    Cut 1cm from the stem, about 2cm deep all the way around the capsicum (to the bottom and back to the stem on the other side of the original cut). Your capsicum should be almost cut in half except still joined together since you haven’t cut through the stem.
    Do it again to make it into quarters.
    Snap the quarters away with your hands while holding the stem. The seeds will stay attached to the stem with the membrane and you have four even quarters that can be sliced any way you like.

    If this doesn’t make sense I will take pictures, can’t seem to find this way on the internet but its far quicker!

  • No, no, no. You’ve all got it wrong. Cut a ring around the top leaving the stem on, cut the stem away where its joined on the inside at the top an pull the stem out. All of the seeds come with it and your left with a full clean capsicum ready to cut any way you like.

    • I do something similar, but I don’t cut around the stem, I just push it down with my thumb. Its weakest point is where the stem joins the flesh and it tears there, so you end up with virtually zero waste.

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