PubMyCal Sends Readable Google Calendar Emails

Ever try to copy and paste items from Google Calendar into an email? The results aren't pretty, and are hard for others to install in their own calendars. Save everybody some time with PubMyCal, which sucks in calendar feeds and spits out clean emails, with links.

After signing into PubMyCal with a Google or Google Apps account, you pick the calendar you want to pull from, and choose two dates to create a range. Enter an email address to send to, and you're done. That person gets a nicely formatted list of times, datesand event details.

They also get links to your calendar events, but if you haven't shared access to your calendar, or set it for public viewing, they'll arrive at an access denied page. But that's the only drawback, and it's really not a problem in most cases.

PubMyCal is free to use, no hitches or sign-ups needed, other than authenticating through Google.



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