Protect Yourself With An RFID-Blocking Wallet

RFIDs are showing up in everything from your cards to your passports, offering easy identification but also a greater chance of identity theft. Although plenty of RFID-blocking wallets exist, none are quite as thin and pocketable as the HuMn.

The HuMn wallet is essentially a plate with a band to keep your cash and cards in a small space, but in addition to its minimal carrying functions it also blocks any RFID skimming. They start you off with two plates, but you can add on more if you want at any time.

Currently the HuMn wallet is available on a more-than-funded Kickstarter project that's basically now a pre-order page. You'll probably have to wait a little while to get yours, but a modest investment will get you one of these thin and protective cash carriers as soon as they're ready.

The HuMn Wallet ($US49) [Kickstarter via Uncrate]


    Very expensive for what it is. You could make it yourself for about $1. Two bits of metal (stainless steel is be thinner than Al for the same strength) and a piece of elastic with the ends sewn together. Or forget about the elastic and use the two bits of sheetmetal either side of your RFID cards in a normal wallet.

    Lets just fix the problem and not just hide it. You should not be at risk in the first place. If these things are such a big risk then they need to re-designed, you shouldn't have to be taking extra precautions!!

    I don't know whether it is such a great risk, or that marketing is now taking advantage of technologically savvy people's healthy paranoia when it comes to security.

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