Pre-Ordering iPad Won't Guarantee Quick Delivery

Apple is offering the option to pre-order the new iPad ahead of its March 16 launch date, and even throwing in free shipping and engraving. But if you're determined to have a third-generation iPad on launch day, queuing at a store might still be your best bet.

Orders placed on Apple's Australian site are said to be due for delivery between March 16 and March 22. While the site includes what it calls a "delivery date calculator", we couldn't get it to actually show an estimate. Even with a full address entered, there's no firm date offered:

Previous iPad releases have seen only the very earliest buyers get same-day delivery, with many people getting second or subsequent batch deliveries some days later. Looks like Apple has decided to lower everyone's expectations this time around; that way, anyone who does get a delivery on March 16 will feel like it's a bonus.


    SO have you guys been able to order one?

    I think anyone with past Apple buying experience will tell you that if you can get it within a few weeks of launch, you're gold.

    If you're even a few hours late pre-ordering you will wish you only had a few weeks wait, because it can stretch to months in the worst case.

    So if I get mine by end of March....that's as good as launch day for me:)

    Angus, Apple did have a map up showing expected delivery dates for pre-orders within that March 16-22 range - basically metropolitan areas should be delivered by March 16, further in-land by March 19 and everywhere else by March 20.

    However it seems the initial batch is now gone and new pre-orders will be shipping from March 19 onwards.

      Thanks for the update -- I'm guessing I couldn't see that because of server overload!

    I ordered mine at about 9:30am on the 8th.... reckon it still falls within the "initial" batch allocation???

    I ordered mine at about 1pm (WA) and this morning I received my shipment notice.

    The TNT tracking tool says it is expected to arrive at 5pm tomorrow!

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