Postable Is A Simple Way To Get Friend's Addresses

It's increasingly rare that you ever need a friend's physical address anymore, but there are occasions where you need to send out a physical letter. If you don't feel like emailing, calling or posting a Facebook update to track down addresses, Postable is a dead simple and secure address book where your friends can enter their own info.

After you set up your account you receive a link with your address book. Send that link out to your friends and they can add their information. Your friends can only add their information. They can't see other entries in your address book and the site is secured. Once you get everyone's address, you can export your address book to Apple Address Book, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Excel and even print labels.

Postable [via Swiss Miss]


    what the [email protected]#K??? how about you just simply ask them... write it down, take a picture!!! ffs... what the hell is this world coming to when we have to send links to our friends asking them to provide their personal information online to be shared amongst ourselves... geez louise!

    Every phone and every email provider has a dedicated contact manager, all with an "address" field -- why would I ask my friends to enter their details here rather than just ask them for their address and add it to my own contacts?

    Maybe you're well connected via social media but have not updated your friends postal addresses through no recent need. Maybe you are getting married and want to send out invites in the post and want an easy way for your friends to give you their details and be prompted for their zip code.

    Or you could just set up google docs with a single text box and say "fill it out"

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