Pocket Doorbell Calls Your Friends With One Tap As You Arrive At Their House

When you roll up to your friend's house, you usually go searching through your contacts to call them. Pocket Doorbell saves you a step by determining your location and calling your nearest friend with the tap of a button.

Pocket Doorbell monitors your contact list for addresses, and when you open it up, determines your location using your phone's GPS. If you're at a contact's home, it'll put their name on the screen, and you can just tap the doorbell button to call them. If their address isn't in your address book, it'll ask you to register that location with a name in your contacts the first time you call, after which it'll remember that location for future visits. From then on, all you need to do is tap the doorbell to let your friend know you've arrived!

Pocket Doorbell is a $US0.99 download for the iPhone.

Pocket Doorbell [iTunes App Store]


    "When you roll up to your friend’s house, you usually go searching through your contacts to call them. "

    Actually, I usually just use the doorbell.

      I generally knock. How old fashioned of us.

        Believe it or not, me too. How random that there should be even three people left in the world that would even do that!

          This I imagine, is built around people in apartment blocks that don't have intercoms and only use buzz throughs.

            Another useless "filler" article that this excellent site could have done without

    I could find anyone in my contact list and call them in a lot less time than I could get an accurate gps lock.

    That, and 9 out of 10 times the person I write be waiting for is in my frequent numbers or at the top of the call or message list means I could do it in less time than opening the app.

    Good idea though.

    Mm.. your friends might be a bit annoyed when the app leaks and everyone knows where they live, because you associated their name with a location.

    i'd just knock on the door.....

    Why are people so dense!? Obviously this is for when you can't just knock on their door! A lot of houses are stupid and either don't have doorbells or the door is too far from where people normally are! For instance, in my house the door and living room are upstairs and the bedrooms are downstairs. If we're in our bedrooms, there is no way we'll ever hear anyone knocking on the door. We got a doorbell but it's not an option for most rentals.
    Scenario 2: My best friend lives in an apartment complex, they have a buzzer, but their stupid receiver up in their apartment is very quiet so oftentimes they don't hear it, thus I have to call her.
    Scenario 3: You're at someone's house to pick them up and you don't want to get out of your car or go to their door or it's late at night and you just want to let them, not their whole house know you're there.


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