Poach An Egg With The Sous Vide Method

We love the Sous Vide cooking method. The French method involves cooking foods in plastic bags/wraps at precise temperatures in water for long periods of time which result in incredibly flavoured foods. Culinary site Chow shows us how to poach in egg using the Sous Vide method with plastic wrap, oil and a bit of string.

What you do is brush a little of your favourite oil on some plastic wrap, add whatever seasonings and herbs you'd like, crack the egg into the plastic, and tie the bundle with string. Pop this bundle into lightly boiling water for three minutes, and you'll have a perfectly poached egg.

CHOW Tip: How to Sous Vide an Egg at Home [CHOW]


    Or do this, works every time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ2NfUbbQWE&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    Nice trick, but it's not really sous vide if you're boiling the water first.

    When cooking sous vide, the water temperature is always the intended finishing temperature of the food. This ensure even cooking and makes it impossible to overcook the food, as it will get no warmer than the intended finishing temperature.

    Not sous vide.

    Is it just me or cooking things in plastic for a long period of time potentially harmful?

      Depends what the plastic is I think. I always use microwaveable wrap, I was told that was safe.

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