Paper Is A Gorgeous iPad Sketch Pad

iPad: If you're a sketcher, note-taker, or all-around paper lover who happens to own an iPad, download Paper from FiftyThree right now. This beautiful app gives you digital notebooks to capture all your ideas quickly and intuitively. And it's free.

Getting started with Paper is quick. Tap on a notebook and start sketching, writing or outlining quickly with the free drawing/pen tool. Swipe and pinch to move between pages in your notebook or switch notebooks (you can have notebooks dedicated to ideas, a journal, sketches and so on). Additional tools are available for $1.99: a pencil for sketching, marker for outlining, and watercolor paintbrush.

Whether or not you consider yourself an artist, this is definitely an app worth trying, since you can use it for quick note-jotting as well. You might discover it brings out your hidden artistic skills too.

Paper [iTunes App Store]


    WARNING! - You need LOTS of in app purchases for this app to be worthwhile;
    - Essentials $7.99
    - Color $1.99
    - Sketch $1.99
    - Write $1.99
    - Outline $1.99

    You don't need Ackbar to tell you, it's a trap.

    for $16, is it really that much better than AAAALLLLLL the other apps that do exactly the same thing as this?

    Meh. not better than Sketchbook Pro.

      I just tried it out and Sketchbook is much much better and not $16. Its not even worth the time to try it.

        Come to think of it, its actually cheaper to buy a real paintbrush than it is in this app.

    Okay, just to clarify it's not $16. The essentials is all the tools bundled for $7.99. Not a discount mind you. It's still $8 regardless.

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