No Big Changes For Optus Customers Despite Restructure

Optus' parent company SingTel is restructuring its entire operation. We normally don't give two hoots about executive structure, but with large-scale changes it's always worth checking to see if those shifts might alter the actual products we get offered. While it's early days yet, right now it doesn't look like Optus customers will see major changes.

Under the new structure which you can see outlined above, current Optus Australia CEO Paul O'Sullivan will head up a new regional group that includes consumer operations in both Australia and Singapore. What did jump out at us was the shift of Optus Business out of that area and under a new 'Group ICT' division, a position that's yet to be filled. Would that mean, for example, that the business mobile plans offered by Optus (and often swooped on by ABN-holding individuals seeking a better deal) might hugely diverge from current offerings?

According to an Optus spokesperson, the answer is "no". Optus Australia will continue to include all customer-facing and retail operations (including the Boost and Virgin Mobile sub-brands), and will also include the small-to-medium business bundles Optus offers. Optus Business will concern itself with enterprise and government customers, where individual negotiation is much more the order of the day.

We've already seen some recent evidence of Optus taking a more regional view with its Bridge DataRoam Unlimited packs. Here's hoping that any further restructure has a further positive effect on consumer charges (yes, Vodafone, we're looking at you).


    So I can look forward to more dialup speeds at broadband prices? Yippie...

    will the restructure finally mean they start consolidating systems? i currently have to log into 2 different areas to pay mobile / internet, and neither system knows of the others existance. ancient architecture.

    how about fixing the constand dropouts i get?

    has this been tested yet DCS not ready

      Well come on Gary, get DCS ready then ;)

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