New iPad Goes On Sale 8am Friday In Australia

New iPad Goes On Sale 8am Friday In Australia

Apple has confirmed that the on-sale time for the new iPad will be 8am this Friday — a switch from the iPad 2 onsale, which happened at 5pm Australian time. Given that online orders are subject to shipping delays, buying in-store is probably going to prove popular.

While there are bound to be large queues at the major Apple store locations, you might get a machine more quickly via a dealer or other retailer. There will also be contract offers from Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, though only Vodafone has released pricing details so far. Update: Now Telstra has too.

Planning on joining a queue? Already got one on order? Happy to wait a few weeks? Tell us your strategy in the comments.


  • Is anyone else feeling let down by the iPad,
    – duo core instead of quad core
    – false “4g”
    – retina display that is lower than that of the iPhone4/iPhone4s

    I really can’t help but feel that this is an underachievement from Apple. I’m sure the fans will say “don’t buy it” or “get an Android device”. My wife thinks the Samsung Galaxy with “real” 4G is the better buy.

    Apologies for the off topic, but noone seems to be expressing the view that the iPad is a letdown.

    • it has an A5X processor which, according to apple, is faster than the tegra 3 chip which is a quad core CPU. Secondly, its not ‘false 4g,’ its just incompatible with the 4g network we have in australia. lastly why the f*ck would you need a pixel density that high on a 10 inch screen‽ It already has a higher resolution than most televisions, monitors, and competing tablets around. I used and interrobang for those who didn’t notice, makes me feel awesome.

    • Not really. the ipad 2 is still pretty capable, hardware-wise. The only hardware I’ve found subpar with the ipad 2 is the screen resolution and camera …and they’re both getting substantial upgrades

      Everything else is the iterative upgrade you expect to see with a successful product line – you don’t go for drastic changes, you just improve things gradually.

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