NAB Updates iOS And Android Apps

NAB has upgraded its mobile phone banking apps for iOS and Android. The main change is the ability to set a four-digit passcode to access the app on the phone, making logging in speedier.

That might sound like a security risk, but NAB argues that as the code is tied to a specific device — you can't use it to log in from someone else's phone — it actually provides a higher degree of security than the standard (longer) password. In any event, it's pleasing to see both major mobile platforms getting updated simultaneously. (According to NAB, one in three logins to its online banking service are via a mobile device.)

NAB: iOS, Android


    Tried the andriod app yesterday, but can't create a passcode because the app won't accept an internet banking password greater than 8 characters.

    Just an excellent app. Transparently easy to use, full range of tools and, apart from occasional slow response, hard to fault. I'm not sure what the other banks have come up with but the NAB seem to have nailed it!

    The app is an improvement - But the NAB's password policy is still insane. My least secure, shortest password is the one that guards my entire life savings. The second least secure? Paypal - The guys who have access to my credit and debit card.
    Seriously NAB, why on earth do you have a *maximum* password length? The hash is exactly the same size regardless of my password! It makes me think that somewhere you are storing my password in plaintext, and that terrifies me.

      I agree wholeheartedly.

        I would suggest that if your entire life savings were in a regular bank account, and so substantial you were concerned about security, you've got your money in the wrong place. My bank account is used to distribute the money that goes in, not store money. Put your savings in a more secure, higher interest online savings account (I used RaboDirect). If anyone managed to get access to my NAB account, they'd be severely disappointed. The convenience of a PIN on the app far outweighs the risk for me.

    NAB's ridiculously short Internet Banking password has long been a bugbear for me.
    My guess is that NAB is still storing passworddirectly into their archaic Mainframe database - probably in plaintext. If they were hashing it then there is no need for a maximum. Either that or their Web site developers are unable to work out how to allow the password prompt to accept more than 8 characters.

    At least paypal allow you to use a security dongle for multifactor authentication. Now NAB are making it easier for anyone to grab your phone and get into your account - all they need to do is shoulder surf your 4 digit PIN! They don't even need your account ID.

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