Modify An IKEA Table Into A Dog Dining Table

If you have medium-large to large dogs it can be difficult to keep their food area organised. My dog loves to push around his food and water bowls, often spilling them in process. Instead why not cut out holes in an $10 IKEA Lack side table to fit your dog's food and water bowls to make sure they stay in one place.

This simple mod comes from the good folks at Ikea Hackers weblog. The author measured the cuts for standard steel food and water bowls and cut the holes with a Dremel so that the bowls can be easily popped in and out of the table. If your dogs are like mine it may be worth a try!

Dog Diner [Ikea Hackers]


    Aren't elevated food bowls known to significantly increase the risk of bloat?

    From :
    "Raising the food dish more than doubled the risk for bloat"

    This article is the latest in a Lifehacker series I like to call, "Not doing that: How To Save Yourself Time And Money"

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