Modify A Wall-Mount Bed Headboard Into Free-Standing One

Modify A Wall-Mount Bed Headboard Into Free-Standing One

One of the authors of the IKEA Hackers weblog wanted to use an IKEA Brimnes headboard in their apartment, but most of those are wall-mounted which wouldn’t work for their landlord situation. The fix was made by using two IKEA Furusund table legs to make the headboard free-standing.

The Furusund table legs are wooden and fit into a metal base. All you need to do are cut the legs to size and attach the metal base to the bottom of the headboard. If I were doing this project, I’d probably also paint the legs to match.

Have you hacked furniture pieces to get them to work in a specific application? Let us know in the comments below.

Free-Standing Brimnes Headboard for Renters [IKEA Hackers]


  • BRILLIANT… was actually looking at purchasing the Brimne headboard when I move into my new house in a month… But my concern was how to get it to NOT wall-mount…
    Lifehacker – you rock (and thank-you IKEA hackers!)

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